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Latest Stories from the Secret Forest

  • Working in the forest darkroom

    These days I’m doing a general test of the new darkroom. The space is not the largest one can desire, but I’m trying to keep everything well organized, even for larger prints. Here in the Secret Forest wildlife is so close to the building at all times. Last night, waiting for Nila to come back…

  • The New Darkroom in the Forest

    View this post on Instagram A post shared by NUVA North Umbria Visual Arts (@a.secret.forest)

  • News from yet Another War – 2nd spot

    News from yet Another War . The second spot in the forest has been set up with the latest updates from Ukraine. Photographs and captions by Mstyslav Chernov Exhibition curated by NUVA in the Secret Forest Caption: Medics in the besieged Black Sea port of Mariupol were raced to save lives on Thursday as the…

  • News from yet another War

    As Anticipated, The NUVA Secret Forest is opening its gates to the internet community and, so far, only to a very limited number of visitors. We are working hard but nothing is really ready yet. The development of the events in the world urge us to start anyway. The current exhibition is “News from yet…

  • The Frosted Pear Tree

    Introducing the Secret Forest, the beating heart of NUVA. Although today is an awful day for the world, the role of this natural museum in our contemporaneity will become clearer in the coming days.The opening work is the one that I initially set up as a Christmas tree but then I imagined as a signal…

  • One year in Mannarolo

    A little more than year ago I climbed to these mountains and never came back. When I stumbled across these three oak leaves on the snow many ideas came into my mind.