An off grid art laboratory in the Secret Forest

Fine Art Prints & Photography

NUVA inherits a ten-year experience in diverse fields of photography: photojournalism, architecture and arts. All assignment are managed by the channels UnFrame for Photojournalism / Documentary  and Looma for Architecture, industrial and arts.

The photography studio is placed inside the Secret Forest and is equipped with a darkroom able to print all kinds of film supports from 35mm to large format 8×10″ cut sheets. ULF Ultra Large Formats up to 20×24” can also be printed with a 1:1 ratio.

Several traditional processes like dry plate and wet collodion plate are performed here in the studio section up to 8×10″. Guests use to get a wet collodion portrait on glass or metal plate. That’s a sort of ritual!

We also sell some of our hand made prints in the store