An off grid art laboratory in the Secret Forest

I was surrounded by howling wolves tonight

The house and the lab were surrounded by wolves last night. One of them began to howl in front of the building to recall the pack. After half an hour of calling in total darkness I heard them all walking around the house.
Nila remained alert all the time but silent. Only when she heard the animals practically rubbing the walls of the house she jumped to the window and confusingly barked. From that moment silence fell.
Up until now, I’ve only had fleeting casual or long-distance encounters. But yesterday it was different, I felt the interest and insistence of the pack, the extreme closeness, the encirclement. Maybe they was only 2 or 3 but it seemed like a lot more. It was an almost exclusively auditory experience, I was able to see only a few fleeting apparitions. I’ll check the trail camera but tonight it wasn’t placed near the house.
I noticed some behaviors that contradict what I alredy knew about wolves: Especially the attraction towards the house and the isolated specimen that recalls the herd and not the other way around). Inside the house at night I only keep a weak light on in the room I am in.
I immediately recalled the stories of Jack London that I read in my adolescence. A great deal of sensations and emotions assaulted me, I felt more vivid than ever the isolation from everything.
The photo dates back to July, I remember hearing the wolves even on that occasion while I was taking it, but much further away.

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