An off grid art laboratory in the Secret Forest

The Pears and the Apples from the Forest

Two weeks ago the man who lived in my house 60-70 years ago (he is now over ninety!) Suggested that I hang the still unripe pears on the beams of the house, as they used to do in the past. When the pears turn yellow they are ready, so you avoid them being eaten by the animals of the forest or ruining them when they fall naturally.
Those that I have not hung have matured unevenly. I have many, some I’ll try to put them in spirit.
Early October fruit in Mannarolo: Pears, grapes, walnuts
Now they are yellow and ready. One is missing from the photos, which was stolen by that young lady who plays the vague in the fourth photo…

I have also found many wild apples during september scattered all over the forest.

The pears on their tree. It’s convenient to harvest them soon so the deer and wild boars won’t eat them all
I hanged the green pears as the old mountain man told me
The hanging pears turned yellow. They matured evenly and are ready to be eaten. The one missing was stolen by Nila!
The water in the large tub marks the impressive level of rainfall of the past few days.
Wild apple trees are scattered all over the Secret Forest. They produce tiny and delicios apples.

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