An off grid art laboratory in the Secret Forest

The Secret Forest as you’ve never seen it before

The Secret Forest as you’ve never seen it before. The house and the Art Lab can be seen at the beginning and at the end of the video. There it is where I live and work. It is an ancient off grid house, meaning that it is completely self supported (Water from a spring source, no gas, no sewer, etc.). I have installed a satellite dish for the Internet. The road is a double track suitable for an offroad car or a mountain bike. I do basic maintenance of the road, as no one else would do. I will show more of them in the upcoming videos. I got a new drone and I am still learning how to shoot decent videos with it. It really opens an entire new world on the Secret Forest. A bit of history: The Forest is now the great protagonist, but underneath there are still many artifacts that bear witness to a bygone era in which these mountains were populated and people traveled from village to village to trade livestock and crops. There was also a tavern where people danced and drank. Not before a 2 hour walk in the woods. In fact, Mannarolo is just one of many in a network of villages, located on average an hour’s walk from each other.

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